Hidden Spirits

Hidden Things,Hidden Works of Darkness 

Hidden Oppression and Hidden Demonic Manipulation  are why 

Soul Trakker's

Time Is Now

Hidden Spirits 

​Hidden no longer!

Hidden Things, Hidden Works of Darkness Teaching from


Press Release

Soul Trakker Corporation: 877-795-7110 ext 103
Email: Dr.Molineros@soultrakker.com
Website: http://www.soultrakker.com

Soul Trakker is a suite of software developed by Soul Trakker Inc. (a non-profit organization, located in Walterboro, SC). It can visually “track” the spirits coming and going from within an individual during ministry.

Public interest in the supernatural has exploded with many TV shows and movies. Many Christians are excited to learn more about Spiritual Warfare. While the ministries of spiritual freedom (deliverance, inner-healing and exorcism) have previously been confined to counseling and fringe areas within the Christian church, freedom from spiritual oppression is for Christians and non-Christians alike. We have personally seen thousands set free from oppression by spirits. Reliably and repeatedly.

We are a team comprised of World-renowned Exorcist and a Computer Vision Researcher with a common interest (and experience) in the supernatural and helping people get free from spiritual oppression. We are applying scientific protocols to show the power of God. Yes, we are believers, but that’s why we are not afraid of scrutiny.

Dr. Erica J. Shepherd has been an exorcist for around 30 years, freeing the most extreme cases from possession and oppression by spirits. Jose M Molineros is a man of God, with a Ph.D. in computer vision and augmented reality. That is why we are using Computer Vision and other fields to glorify God, because science is created by God.

Computer vision and sensor fusion algorithms exploit the power of multiple information sources. Soul Trakker uses sensor fusion to capture the spirits in a video. At last you will see what has been oppressing men and women. Our goal is for the church and the general public to see these spirits as they really are: tiny spirits invisible to the natural eye.

Soul Trakker will help in providing visually Biblically Sound Bible based Spirit understanding to people.

Soul Trakker reveals the enemy that we really face, but rarely see. Many people fear an enemy which they cannot see. Soul Trakker shows people that these spirits are real, while at the same time demystifying them. It will help teach people the reality of spiritual oppression and the spirits that many are currently fighting. Soul Trakker will point to the Church as the real place for help. Soul Trakker will provide understanding to the world, revealing the spirits that we really face but rarely see.

Soul Trakker will be used to Glorify God.